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Yongkang Yue jiu industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and operation of hardware products, the factory is located in the "hardware capital" of Zhejiang, Yongkang. The plant was established in 1999 and the company was incorporated in 2015. Predecessor is a small hardware processing plant, mainly producing and processing all kinds of stamping parts and hardware parts. Through 17 years of continuous development and expansion, now has developed into a wide variety of lathe, punching machine, polishing machine and other processing equipment, specializing in the production of stamping parts, machinery parts, hardware accessories and medium scale enterprises. With all kinds of advanced production equipment and excellent management personnel and technical personnel, can design, develop and produce all kinds of hardware products, and according to customer samples to drawings for processing and production. Has successfully served the local leading enterprises and the world's top five hundred enterprises.
The factory has accumulated a wealth of cost control experience, the advantages of cheap and fine, in the leading position in the peer. We always adhere to the "quality as the core, customer centric, reputation and development" business purposes, and strive to provide our customers with the most competitive products. Business purposes: integrity first, quality first, service first, the lowest price!
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